Three Civilizations Agree How to Act in the Middle East

Evgeniy Bakhrevskiy, an acting director of the Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage, member of the project Organizing Committe at Moscow March 27 Roundtable.
Middle East and North Caucasus served for centuries as an arena of counteraction of three imperial civilizations – Byzantine Empire and later Ottoman state, Iran and Russian Empire.
«The regional conglomerate of communities and traditions was traditionally influenced by these three powers. This historical countercation left its imprint on the current situation. Onthe one hand, there is a situational alliance between Russia, Turkey, and Iran, on the other – there is an attempt of the three civilizations to agree on how to act in the region… I consider it to be very effective to compare the Middle East and North Caucasus and, on this base, to work out recommendations for the post-war Middle East»

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