The Organizing Committe of our project has been established at the meeting of the expert group on Tuesday 13 March

The Organizing Committe of the project ‘Middle East – North Caucasus: Cultural Policy in Strengthening Interethnic and Interreligious Peace’ has been established at the meeting of the expert group on Tuesday 13 March:

—        EVSTAFIEV Dmitri, Professor of Arab studies at Higher School of Economics, chairman of the Organizing Committee;

—        CHERNOV Michael, project director;

—        BAKHREVSKIY Evgeniy, acting director of the Institute for Cultural and Natural Heritage named after D.Likhachev;

—        BELENKAYA Marianna, a columnist for the «Kommersant» newspaper, specialist in Middle Easte r studies;

—        BELDEY Vyacheslav, Deputy Head of the Agency for Enterprise and Investment of the Republic of Dagestan;

—        GEVORGIAN Karine, specialist in Oriental studies;

—        DERENIKIAN Andranik, Deputy Director of the Siberian Institute of Eurasian Scientific and Educational Cooperation and Development of the Tomsk State Pedagogical University;

—        KORDONSKY Simon, Professor of Social studies at Higher School of Economics;

—        OGOYEV Alan, rector of the North Ossetian State University;

—        SOBYANIN Alexander, head of the Center for Traditional Cultures;

—        TSAREGORODTSEVA Irina, arabist, Associate Professor, Higher School of Economics;

—        SHEVTSOV Yuri, member of the Research and Expert Council at the Eurasian economic commission (EEC) and an analyst at the Center for Political Analysis and Strategic Research at the ruling Nur Otan party in Kazakhstan.

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