International Conference in Vladikavkaz “North Caucasus at the Crossroads of Civilizations: Cultural Politics as Resource for Strengthening Interethnic and Interreligious Peace” (september-october 2018)

North Caucasus at the Crossroads of Civilizations:Cultural Politics as Resource for Strengthening Interethnicand Interreligious Peace

Discussion topics

  • Ethnic and religious peace as a basis for interaction between the regions of the Greater Caucasus and Middle East.
  • Russian cultural policy and economic potential of Ossetia to promote and strengthen its relations with the Middle East.
  • Caucasian diasporas potential for the development and strengthening of the relations with the Middle East.
  • Cultural ties between multi-national and multi-ethnic regions of the Middle East and Caucasus.



  • representatives of the peoples of the North and South Caucasus;
  • experts from Russia, Turkey, Iran, Armenia;
  • Caucasian diasporas from Turkey;
  • governmental agencies;
  • Ossetian youth representatives.


Expected outcomes

  • to propose Vladikavkaz as one of the potential platform for the inter-civilizational dialogue;
  • to establish cultural, economic and social ties with the Middle East;
  • to provide analytical and governmental support for the development of the Russian section of the International North-South Transport Corridor up to Armenia, Iran, Turkey and the Middle East.

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